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Many of these server guis comes with service files.
You can enable, disable, start and stop them with:
systemctl start gadmin-bind
systemctl stop gadmin-dhcpd
systemctl enable gadmin-proftpd
systemctl disable gadmin-openvpn-server
systemctl status gadmin-openvpn-client

Turn off similar services in your system before using these.
For gadmin-dhcpd one interfering service can be:
systemctl disable dnsmasq
systemctl stop dnsmasq

GAdmin-Squid 0.1.7 has been released.
Added systemd and apparmor functionality.
Adds status colors.
Sets focus to server treeview.
Adds several new configure options.
Removed obsolete options.

GAdmin-OpenVPN-Server 0.1.8 has been released.
Changed to SERVER_USER="root" by default due to auth-pam plugin issues.
This can be changed in the gui to nobody but users may not be able to login.
./configure with SERVER_USER="nobody" to change it.

GAdmin-OpenVPN-Client 0.2.2 released.
Activated NetworkManager dispatcher script.
Fixes some porting issues.
Sets user root as default so openvpn can adjust network parameters correctly.
./configure with CLIENT_USER="nobody" to change it.
Extra info:
Running as root is not good but rather that then not have internet
because of missing permissions for openvpn to use ifconfig, route, ip or
due to missing openvpn plugins or plugin path changes.
This release is verified and working properly. NetworkManager network up/down works ok.
OpenVPN solution: Read user credentials at startup/hup and dump the plugins.
If there are some issues with avahi-daemon:
systemctl disable avahi-daemon
systemctl stop avahi-daemon

Threaded-samba-scanner 3.7 has been released.
Fixes compilation with pthreads. "pkg-config --libs pthread" would be nice.

GAdmin-SSHD-0.0.4 has been released.
Adds status colors.
Fixes some minor porting issues.

GAdmin-DHCPD 0.5.4 has been released.
Nicer alignments. Fixes broken non-recursive gtk+-3 requisition.
Ported to gtk+-3.
Now using systemd.
Added apparmor support.
Sets focus to the scope treeview.
Code cleanup.

GAdmin-BIND 0.2.8 has been released.
Ported to gtk+-3.
Now using systemd for starting and stopping bind.
Adds urandom to chroot/dev for new setups.
Adds more configure options, see Autoinstall file.
Sets focus to domain treeview.

GAdmin-PRoFTPD 0.4.8 has been released.
Now using systemd.
Added configuration option: PIDFile=/var/run/proftpd/proftpd.pid
(Must be added to the top of proftpd.conf in the global section if upgrading)
Using default_md = default when generating certs instead of md5.
GProStats html validates.
Renamed "Disk" tab to "Storage".
Fixed some compiler warnings.

GAdmin-NFS-Server 0.0.3 has been released.
Fixed icon names and tooltips that where set to wrong widgets.
Removed apply dir button. Its now handeled by the main apply button.
Adds status text colors.
Adds fsid=1 to options tooltip.
Various code cleanups.

GAdmin-Control-Panel 0.1.3 released.
Added: /usr/bin/gadmin-launcher
This program is started from the desktop launcher.
It allows root to run GUIs with xhost and then launches
gadmin-control-panel with the configured
Removed configure option: DESKTOP_FILE_EXEC_CMD

admin-packages 0.7.3 has been released.
Removes output of logged files.
Adds option --save-builds.
Adds support for unpacking .tar.xz archives.
Adds new packages.confs.

ft639 1.2 has been released.
Arguments --device, --commandfile and --outputfile must now be
specified when starting the application.
A stepfile is provided that can be used to write move commands
to the configured command file.

To start graphical applications with root privileges on Fedora nowdays
you have to run this command first as a regular user:
xhost si:localuser:root
On Ubuntu "pidof nfsd" works, but not on fedora.

GAdmin-Antivirus 0.0.8 has been released.
Added configure option INSTALL_DESKTOP_FILE="disable".
- Set to "enable" if not using GAdmin-Control-Panel.
It is now completely GTK-3 compliant.
RPM no longer installs desktop file, use gadmin-control-panel.

GAdmin-Services 0.0.5 has been released.
Sets status colors.

GAdmin-Desktop 0.0.7 has been released.
It is now completely GTK-3 compliant.
This application installs to /usr/bin and is
not for gadmin-contol-panel.
Configure with: INSTALL_DESKTOP_LINK="enable".

GAdmin-Rsync-Client 1.0.1 has been released.
Moved src_pre_cmd's first in backup scripts.
Dumping out DB's and backing them up is now ok.

Pressing CTRL+F in the applications enables search.

Configure the applications with INSTALL_DESKTOP_FILE="disable"
and let GAdmin-Control-Panel start the individual programs.